RS-2000 is a dual component, alkaline developable liquid photo-image- able solder mask for single and double sided screen printing and air spray application. It is designed for oncontact exposure and development in aqueous sodium or potassium carbonate.
This advanced material presents good definition characteristics, high photosensitivity, excellent adhesion and optimal resistance to all common finishes processes. RS-2000 is formulated for the manufacture of Rigid PCB as permanent protective coatings.

RS-2000 products exhibit the following performance properties:
• Wide process latitude enabling fine image reproduction with clean PTH/Via development
• Excellent reliability
• High productivity with yields in order of 14-18 m2/kg (depending on application)
• Superior chemical and electrical properties of RS-2000 guarantee excellent resistance to all common process finishes
• RS-2000 is compatible with UV and thermal legend inks
• Resistant to downstream processing chemicals including noclean fluxes, cleaners, solvents, etc.
• Completely ecological
• Fully compatible with all assembly rework processes Meets or exceeds IPC SM 840E specifications


HT 80011 kgRS-2000 6GLGreenGlossy
HT 80041 kgRS-2000 YYellowGlossy
HT 80051 kgRS-2000 RRedGlossy
HT 80061 kgRS-2000 BLBlueGlossy
HT 80071 kgRS-2000 BKBlackGlossy
HT 80211 kgRS-2000 CBKM-FBlackMatt
HT 80091 kgRS-2000 3GLMGreenMatt
HT 80021 kgRS-2000 W-1(B)WhiteGlossy
HT 80151 kgRS-2000 WWhiteGlossy
HT 80111 kgRS-2000 3GLDIGreenGlossy
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