Elga s.r.l. was founded in 1973 and was set up to sell chemical products for the printed-circuit industry, manufactured by Lea Ronal Inc.
In 1979 the company became Elga Ronal upon the finalization of a joint venture with Lea Ronal.
Following a joint venture between T.O.K. Japan and Elga Ronal in 1995 the company started manufacturing dry film wholly in Italy and to distribute the product throughout Europe and Western countries.
The company became 100% Italian in 1999 under the name of Elga Europe s.r.l.
The joint venture with T.O.K. Japan ended in 2010 and Elga Europe acquired all the shares and owned the manufacturing site.
In 2013 Elga Europe and Eternal formed joint venture whereby Eternal is acquiring a minority stake in the corporate capital of Elga.
Eternal dry film products from 1st of January 2014 will be stocked, distributed and technically supported by Elga Europe solely in the European market.
Starting from 2017 Eternal owned the majority of Elga Europe shares and signed the joint of Elga Europe in Eternal-Group.

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what we do


Elga Europe has the only dry film manufacturer plant in Europe with 100% of its production in Italy.

We produce more than 15 different type of dry film in order to offer wider portfolio to our customers.

Our capabilities:

Rolls Width
from 10 to 125µm

based on customers’ request
tolerance ±1µm

tolerance ±1mm / ±⅛ inch
Our manufacturing is 100% Italian. We produce in fully respect of environment and we can guarantee this due to our ISO 14001:2015 certification.

our LABS

R&D, Dry Film and Solder Mask Laboratory

This lab deals with the R&D and QC of DFR products and Solder Mask.
It is equipped with various instruments, such as HPLC, GPC, GC, optical microscope, dynamometer, FT-IR with Micro ATR, optical densitometer and dedicated equipment in order to simulate product usage by the customer (laminator, exposure machine, developing machine).

Semi-conductor Laboratory

This lab deals with the QC of developing solutions for the semi-conductor industry.
It is equipped with dedicated instruments for trace metal analysis, such as GF-AAS, ICP-OES, ICP-MS as well other instruments, such as ion cromatograph, tensiometer, titrator, UV-VIS spectrophotometer.

Customer Service Laboratory

It deals with after-sale service, R&D and customer care.
It is equipped with optical microscope, stereoscope, SEM-EDX TESCAN, HPLC, AAS.

Corporate Overview


Our first 50 Years

our team

Elga Europe is an Italian-funded company, whose main scope of activity is the research, development and manufacture of dry film for the printed circuit industry as well as chemical milling and special applications.

The company was set up in 1973 and has been dealing in dry film since 1989. It has also specialized in the production of ultra-pure auxiliary chemicals for the semi-conductor industry, and the processing of copper foil for printed circuits,photo solder and products used in copper and tin coating, besides manufacturing auxiliary products such as degreasing and anti-foaming agents, developer and stripper for dry film.

The company has two business sites, one at via della Merlata 8, Nerviano, Milan, where the Administration headquarters are located, and the other at via Camillo Chiesa 30, Pogliano Milanese, Milan, where the dry-film and ultrapure-chemical manufacturing plant is located.

Considering both sites, the 9, company premises include office facilities, laboratories and plants located on a total property of 21,500 also has two foreign subsidiaries in Switzerland and the UK.

The production technology for dry film and products for semi-conductors arises from a joint venture with Tokyo Ohka Kogyo. Elga Europe co-operated with the Japanese company from 1990 to 2010.

Elga Europe’s R&D activities have been fully independent since 2003.

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