Etertec UDH5600 Etertec® UDH5600 is a negative, aqueous processable dry film specifically designed for UV laser direct imaging
(365 and 405nm) applications.
UDH5600 has been formulated for acid plating and etching applications in the production for IC substrates.

Main Features

  • Ultra-High resolution capabillity
  • Excellent adhesion to the substrate
  • Fast Photospeed
  • Straight sidewalls
  • Clean developing characteristics

Typical Application

  • IC Substrate
  • SAP/mSAP
  • Acid etching
  • Copper, tin, tin/lead plating

Available Thickness

  • 25μm (1.0 mils) and 30μm (1.2 mils) for Ultra Fine Line


We recommend using UV lamps or laser source with emission peak at 360 – 405 nm.
The following parameters are referred to exposure at 405nm
Energy (mJ/cm²)45-12045-120
SST21 Resist (Copper)4 (5) - 7 (8)4 (5) - 7 (8)
Resolution< 10µm < 10μm