ELGA LR 3600h


ELGA LR 3600h is a blue color, negative-working, UV im- ageable liquid photo polymer. It is designed for Horizontal Type Gravure Roller Coater in mass production of fine line PCBs.
Elga Wet resist LR 3600H is applicable to acidic etching process.

Main Features

  • Excellent resolution
  • Excellent adhesion and conformability
  • Wider operation window in development
  • High image contrast
  • Easy stripping
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Good for board stacking

Physical - Chemical Properties

ShapeClear Blue
Chemical CompositionUV sensitive acrylic resin composite
DiluentPMA Thinner
Viscosity1900 ± 200 cps (25°C, Brookfield viscometer DVI+ n°3 spindle)
Solid Content39 ± 2% at 105°C * 1h
Shelf Life6 months

Exposure Performance

Exposure energysensitivity (SST 21)Resolution (Space)Adhesion (line)
50 mJ430 μm30 μm
60 mJ530 µm30 μm
70 mJ630 μm30 μm
80 mJ730 μm30 μm
90 mJ830 μm30 μm
100 mJ830 μm30 μm


8 mil Board (100°C min 45 sec.)

40 mil Board (95°C min 60 sec.)