TECHNIETCH D-688TC is an organic acid based copper microetch specially formulated to be used in a wide variety of pretreatment applications. Technietch D-688TC ensures an excellent surface preparation with an optimum copper topography leading to improved performance of subse- quent processes (dry film, soldermask, hot air solder levelling).

Main Features

  • High copper solubility levels
  • Excellent copper topography with outstanding performance for dry film and soldermask
  • A stable etching rate with uniform copper etching
  • Tolerant of chlorides (de-ionised water not required for make-up)
  • Clear pink consistent appearance: simple AOI inspection
  • Easy effluent disposal: contains no chelating agents
  • Environmentally friendly with simple waste treatment

Operating Parameters

Spray Pressure1.0 bar - 2.0 bar1.5 bar
Temperature25° - 35°C30°C
Contact Time20-80 sec.Depend on application
Copper Removal0.5 - 1.5 µmDepend on application
H2SO4;6% - 14% v / v10% v / v
Spray Pressure1.0 - 2.0 bar1.5 bar
TemperatureRoom temperatureRoom temperature
Contact Time10 - 20 sec.15 sec.
Base Copper Etch Rate 1.0 µm
Galvanic Copper Etch Rate 1.0 µm