TECHNIETCH 1118 is a proprietary ammonia-free, persulfate microetch designed to provide improved topography over standard persulfate and peroxide chemistry at the same etch depth.
This topography will improve resist or plating adhesion which becomes critical when processing parts with fine features.
The microetch is effective for both electroless and electroplated copper surface treatment and will provide additional cleaning and some tarnish resistance. TechniEtch 1118 can be used in horizontal or vertical equip- ment and for various applications including surface treatment prior to resist, electrolytic and electroless copper plating, electroless nickel as well as many copper surfaces commonly used in connector and lead frame manufacturing processes.

Main Features

  • High copper solubility levels
  • Ammonia free
  • Stable chemistry
  • Cost effective replacement for generic persulfate and peroxide microetch
  • Good copper topography with consistent etch rates
  • A stable etching rate with uniform copper etching
  • Environmentally friendly with simple waste treatment
  • Compatible with subsequent electrolytic end electroless processes

Operating Parameters

Make-Up50-70 g/l60 g/l
Additive50-70 ml/l60 ml/l
Contact Time30 sec. - 5 min.Depend on application
Copper Removal0.5 - 1.5 µm/minDepend on application
Temperature28°C - 32°C30°C
TechniEtch 1118 Etch Rate 1.0μm