ORDYL ANTIFOAM T3 is a lightly concentrated liquid antifoam for use in the control of foam in alkaline dry film developing and stripping solutions. Ordyl Antifoam T3 is soluble in water up to a ratio of 1:10 to 1:20 making it ideal for dosing in feed and bleed systems.
Ordyl Antifoam T3 is highly stable and exhibits excellent de-foaming characteristics over a long period of time in alkaline solutions.
Ordyl Antifoam T3 is based on a polyalcohol so it has excellent free rinsing properties and consequently presents a minimal risk of contam- inating the developing and stripping process.
Ordyl Antifoam T3 contains no silicone agents.


The dosing rate will depend upon the type of dry film used, the dry film load and the type of machine employed.
Indicative dosing rate:
For developing solutions
100-500 ppm
For stripping solutions
250-1000 ppm with NaOH/KOH
500-1500 ppm with proprietary strippers