HTE COPPER FOIL is an high purity copper foil produced by Chang Chun Petrochemical Taipei Taiwan adopting the most advanced equipment, with severe quality control, through electro-deposition and special surface treatment.
HTE Copper Foil has very good mechanical properties (Elongation ductility), solder and chemical resistance.
Elga Europe, who is marketing responsible for Europe, imports from CCP the master rolls which are cut in Italy in rolls and sheets providing specific sizes and packaging according with customer specific requirements with the guarantee of prompt deliveries.


High Temperature Elongation Copper Foil
According to IPC-4562-

Grade 3 HTE Copper Foil for multilayer
According to IPC-4562-1.3

Low profile electrodeposited copper foil
According to IPC-4562-1.2.7

Matt side of treated copper foil (S.E.M. 2000x)
Matt side of raw copper foil (S.E.M. 2000x)