Ordyl ® FLR 1000


Ordyl ® FLR 1000 is a negative, aqueous processable dry film specifically designed to be exposed with LDI, but usable also with standard UV lamps. FL 1000 is developable and strippable in mildly alkaline solutions and offers superior performances and resistance to leaching in all the most commonly used plating bath in PCB manufacturing.
Ordyl FLR 1000 has strong adhesion on copper surface and for this reason is indicated for direct plating process and in case of surface preparation is not good. This type of dry film ensure good tenting performances even on large tooling holes; this can be achieved starting from 40 μm thickness.

Main Features

  • Excellent through cure polymerization also with LDI exposure machine over 50 μm resist thickness
  • Excellent adhesion properties due to special adhesion promoter
  • Very High Photospeed
  • High flexibility and conformability

Typical Application

  • Acid etching
  • Tenting process
  • Copper, tin, tin/lead plating

Available Thickness

  • 30 μm (1.2 mils) for standard application
  • 40 μm (1.6 mils) for standard application
  • 50 μm (2 mils) for standard application
  • 60 μm (2,4 mils) for standard application


We recommend using UV lamps or laser source with emission peak at 360 - 405 nm.
We recommend to stay between 7 - 9 Solid STEP of SST21 (7 - 18 Solid STEP of RST25).
The following parameters are referred to: 8 Solid STEP of SST21
FLR 1030FLR 1040FLR 1050FLR 1060
Energy (mJ/cm²)15-2520-3025-3535-45
Resolution30 µm (1.2 mils)40 µm (1.6 mils)50 µm (2 mils)60 µm (2 mils)

Developing (B.P. 60%)

FLR 1030FLR 1040FLR 1050FLR 1060
Developing time25 sec.35 sec.50 sec.65 sec.
Dry Film load 1g/l (0.13 oz/gal)0.03 m²/l (1.2 ft²/gal)0.025 m²/l (1.0 ft²/gal)0.017 m²/l (0.7 ft²/gal)0.012 m²/l (0.5 ft²/gal)
We recommend a maximum Dry Film load of 3 g/l.