ELGATIN TL is a matt tin plating solution, based on a sulphate system which produces a very smooth, white and fine grained tin deposit with excellent throwing power.
Elgatin TL matte sulphate plating bath can be used to plate directly on copper, nickel, and nickel alloys such as Alloy 42 and Kovar. Steel can also be plated after a copper strike has been applied.

This process is suitable for rack, barrel, strip or wire line plating and is particularly effective as a metal etch resist in printed circuit board applications.

Operating Parameters

Tin Metal7.5-30 g/l19 g/l
Sulphuric Acid (96% Pure Grade)80-120 ml/l100 ml/l
Elgatin TL Make-Up80-120 ml/l100 ml/l
Current Density0.5-2 A/dm2Depend on application