Ordyl ® AF 200E is a negative, aqueous processable dry film specifically designed for chemical milling application to be exposed with standard UV lamps.
AF 200E is developable and strippable in mildly alkaline solutions and offers superior performances and resistance to extreme conditions of use in strongly acid solutions.
Ordyl AF 200E has excellent adhesion on stainless steel and the most common metallic alloys.

Main Features

  • Excellent adhesion performance on stainless steel

Typical Application

  • Chemical Milling

Available Thickness

  • 20 μm (0.8 mils)
  • 30 μm (1.2 mils)
  • 40 μm (1.6 mils)
  • 50 μm (2 mils)


We recommend using UV lamps or laser source with emission peak at 360 - 380 nm.
The following parameters are referred to:
6-9 Solid STEP of SST21
7-18 Solid STEP of RST25
AF 220EAF 230EAF 240EAF 250E
Energy (mJ/cm²)80-130100-150120-170130-180
Resolution30 µm (1.2 mils)40 µm (1.6 mils)50 µm (2 mils)60 µm (2.3 mils)

Developing (B.P. 60%)

AF 220EAF 230EAF 240EAF 250E
Developing time45 sec.60 sec.85 sec.120 sec.
Dry Film load 1g/l0.05 m²/l0.03 m²/l0.025 m²/l0.017 m²/l
We recommend a maximum Dry Film load of 5 g/l.