Our History

Elga s.r.l., an Italian-funded company, was set up to market chemical products for the printed-circuit industry, manufactured by Lea Ronal Inc., Freeport, USA.
The company became Elga Ronal upon the finalization of a joint venture with Lea Ronal, whereby Lea Ronal owned 50% of the venture and the Italian company the remaining 50%.Elga Ronal exclusively dealt in chemical products for printed circuits and started the Italian-based manufacturing of the products that had been imported from Lea Ronal up to then.
The company started co-operating with Tokyo Ohka Kogyo to distribute photoresist products for semi-conductors and sell the dry film manufactured in Japan. A cutting centre for Japanese master rolls was set up.
The company started manufacturing dry film wholly in Italy, by implementing a spreading plant. TOK Italia, a joint venture between T.O.K. Japan (80%) and Elga Ronal (20%) was set up. Elga Ronal became the exclusive agent of dry film - wholly manufactured in Italy - to distribute the product throughout Europe and Western countries.
TOK Italia started manufacturing high-purity chemicals for the semi-conductor industry.
Lea Ronal was acquired by Rohm and Haas and thus became a 50% partner of Elga Ronal. Elga Ronal’s Italian shareholders acquired Rohm and Haas shares, whereby the company’s property became 100% Italian, under the company name of Elga Europe.
Dry-film marketing in Europe was restructured. Elga Swiss and Elga UK were set up, as well as new subsidiaries in France and Germany and a distribution network through agents in other countries.
An R&D department for dry film was set up in Italy, which was independent from Japan and focused on the European market.
Tokyo Ohka decided to abandon the dry film market in Japan by winding up two manufacturing plants Elga Europe acquired T.O.K. Japan shares, conveying them into TOK Italia. The merger was finalized in December 2010 whereby TOK Italia was acquired by Elga Europe.
Elga Europe and Eternal form joint venture
Elga Europe and Eternal Chemical signed an agreement, whereby Eternal is acquiring a minority stake in the corporate capital of Elga.
Eternal dry film products from 1st of January 2014 will be stocked, distributed and technically supported by Elga Europe solely for European market.