CL-MDF-ST-I-EE (Alkaline Solution)

CL-MDF-ST-I-EE Alkaline solution is a cleaning agent for the cleaning of:

  • Tin and Tin/Lead stripping machines and rinse modules.
  • Dry film stripping machines.

The cleaning of the dry film developing/stripping plants should include the use of decontamination solution CL-DF-ST-I-EE Acid solution.

The application of CL-MDF-ST-I alkaline solution alone satisfies the cleaning of Tin and Tin/Lead stripping-plant.

CL-MDF-ST-I-EE Alkaline Solution allows a comprehensive and thorough cleaning of resist stripping and developing machines (in connection with cleaning agent CL-DF-ST-I-EE Acid Solution) and:

  • Achieves an improvement of the developing/stripping quality through an optimal cleaning.
  • Reduces the maintenance time of the plant to ¼ of the previous time required.
  • Removes residues and reduces the usual need to prick out the spray nozzles.
  • The automatic cleaning process improves the safety and reduces accident risk during the cleaning.
  • Hygiene risks for the operators and service people will therefore be reduced.
  • This cleaning process, operated in a closed loop circuit eliminates pollution of the equipment’s direct environment, that is unavoidable with traditional cleaning procedures.
  • Traditional and well-proved waste water processes, applied in plating areas, finally guarantee a non-polluting processing of the waste solutions generated with the cleaning process.

Cleaning Parameters:





20 – 30°C

Contact Time

30min – 45min


Stripping bath: two weeks

Rising modules: once a week

All other parameters

Same as for the cleaning machine


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