Acid Copper Cu230

Acid Copper Cu 230 is designed for through-hole printed circuit board applications as a high throw, micro-levelling acid copper electroplating process.
The electrodeposits produced by the Acid Copper Cu 230 process are fine grained equiaxed, high purity, ductile copper deposits from a single additive system, providing advanced technology from an economical solution that will meet or exceed all the requirements of MIL-P-55110-D and BS9760.

All of the components in the process are fully analyzable and the Acid Copper Cu 230 process is specifically optimized for on-line analysis and control by EBA automated bath analysis equipment or by HPLC.

Main features:

  • Specifically engineered for Direct Current applications to produce even, bright deposits from a stable electrolyte
  • Economical to use
  • High purity fine grained, equiaxed deposits
  • Excellent over-plating and soldering properties
  • Flexible enough to work with airless (E-ductors) and standard conventional DC plating tank configurations
  • Easily controlled by EBA-Analysis, and/or auto-dosing methodologies

Operating parameters:




Copper Sulphate Pentahydrate

(CuSO4 * 5H20)

60 – 90 g/l

75 g/l

Copper Metal

15 – 22.5 g/l

18.75 g/l

Sulphuric Acid (96% Pure Grade)

185 – 195 g/l

190 g/l

Chloride Ion

40 – 80 ppm

60 ppm

CU 230 Brightener Make Up

0,5 – 7,5 ml/l

3 ml/l

CU 230 Carrier Make Up

3 – 15 ml/l

7,5 ml/l


20 – 30°C


Cathode Current Density

0.5 – 5 A/dm2

Anode Current Density

0,75 – 2.0 A/dm2

Anode to Cathode Distance

15 – 30cm (20cm optimum)


Reciprocal Cathode Rod and Oil Free

Air Sparger/E-ductors

Vigorous air movement:

  • 0.035 kg/cm2 for each meter of solution depth
  • 0.09 – 0.18 m3/min for each meter of sparger length from pumps or E-ductors and cathode rod 5-10cm excursion, 4-5 cycles/min.

Filtration Rate

3 tank volume turnovers per hour

Deposition Rate

42µm/hour at 3A/dm2 and under at optimum operating parameters


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